About R N Joshi Prize

Namaste ! Welcome to the R N Joshi prize.
Park Gallery announces the R N Prize 2070 (2013 AD) to recognize Nepali Artist and engage national and international audiences in supporting these artists work. Two prizes will be given annually to artists selected by experts. One dedicated artist who have made genuine artistic contribution in uplifting Nepali art will be honored with Rs 20,000/-, and Rs.10,000/- will recognize emerging / established artists exploring new directions. Park Gallery encourages all Nepali artists to register in the upcoming event, Return to Nature, 2070.

This year the prize will honor an outstanding open air watercolorist who has dedicate to this art and strong command over this medium, conceptual integration in his/her artworks. The second recognition will be given to emerging / established artists who outstandingly explored new directions during the workshop. The R N Joshi Prize is being launched respecting the eternal vision of late Rama Nanda Joshi to uplift the unsurpassed essence of Nepali Art.


R N JOSHI PRIZE 2070 Announcement

12-07-2070 (29-10-2013)

The advisory panel and Park Gallery have decided to award

Buddhi Gurung and D Ram Palpali for their consistent dedication in watercolor. Rs 20,000/- Cash Prize will be shared equally between the winner.

Dhoj Bahadur Gurung and Kamal Gurung for their promising works in ‘Return to Nature‘ (One day on-the-spot open-air watercolor worskshop)
Rs 10,000/- Cash Prize will be shared equally between the winner.


Buddhi Gurung
D.Ram Palpali
Dhoj Bahadur Gurung
Kamal Gurung