Return To Nature
On-the-spot Workshop / Exhibition

29th October - 24 th November


Return to Nature Opening Exhibition Program


Artists participating in

Return to Nature 'on-the-spot'
Watercolor Painting Workshop

14th , Septemeber, 2013 (Bhadra 29th, 2070)
at Kirtipur

Information for Artists

Park Gallery will provide:
  1. Notes / Sketch Pad
  2. 20" x 30" Watercolor Paper
  3. Camlin Watercolor Tubes

Artists are Requested to Bring:
Board, Stand, Brush, Pencil, Eraser, Color Palette, Water container, Umbrella, Chair, Paper towel, Cloth, Disposal bag etc.

Transportation and Timing:
Park Gallery will be arranging bus to pick and drop artists from two different location, timing as follows:
Ghanta Ghar (Trichandra Campus): 7:45 - 8:00 Sharp
Pulchowk Park Gallery: 8:15 Sharp
Departure to Kirtipur: 8:30 Sharp

Workshop Timing:
First Arrival at Kirtipur / Bag Bhairav Temple: 9:30 - 10:00 am (Breakfast, Informal interaction etc.)
10:00 - 3:30 Workshop
(From 10 am artists explores to various locations)
3:30 - 4:30 Tea, Interaction etc, back to Pulchowk and Ratna Park

(Artists are request to come back to main location by 3:30 pm)

Orientation Event

Prior to the excursion on the outdoor, the artists were provided with orientation
and talk events by art experts at Park Gallery for briefing / orientation session
on 31st August, Saturday, 2013 at 2:30 PM ( Bhadra 15th ).

Open-Air Watercolor Painting Workshop And Exhibition To Be Held

Saturday, 31st August 2013
Park Gallery.

Commemorates the 75th birth anniversary of legendary artist late Rama Nanda Joshi, Park Gallery is organizing one day open-air watercolor workshop entitled “Return to Nature”. The workshop is being held at the panoramic site of Kirtipur on 14th September.

Few weeks ago, Park Gallery made an open call for artists. On Saturday (31st August 2013), 22 selected artists who are proficient in watercolor were invited for an exclusive interactive program with the art experts. During the program artists/art critic Mr. Mukesh Malla and Artist/art writer Mr. Madan Chitrakar spoke about Nepali watercolor development, situation and new possibilities in Nepali contemporary art. Another speaker Mr. Rajman Maharjan spoke of some significant historical places of the Kirtipur area, an artistic spot for workshop.

Rama Nanda Joshi exuberantly began a trend of coming out of the studio into the open in practicing on-the-spot modern watercolor painting about fifty years ago, breaking the traditional practice of painting within the four walls of the studio, from then on many Nepali artists have followed his footsteps while practicing watercolor. This workshop will not be mere follow up or art workshop of regular kind, it will be based on research, innovative and spontaneity while practicing watercolor in the open curator Saroj Bajracharya explained while he was shed lighting on the workshop Return to Nature and its importance of such events in Nepal.

The selected artists of this event are :- Anil Shahi, Anita Khanal, Binod Kumar Gupta, Budhhi Gurung, D Ram Palpali, Dhoj Bahadur Gurung, Ishan Pariyar, Kamal Gurung, Keshav Raj Khanal, N B Gurung, Neera Joshi, Rajan Kafle, Rajesh Manandhar, Ramesh Khanal, Sarita Dongol, Shyam Maharjan, Shrijan Rajbhandari, Sundar Lama, Supriya Manandhar, Surendra Pradhan, Suresh Maharjan and Surya Baraili.

This event will be concluded by an exhibition of the output artworks of the workshop.

for more information log on to
Event Coordinator : Artist / Art writer Gyanendra Bibas : 9841666573
Event curator : Artist art writer Saroj Bajracharya: 9840065865
Park Gallery : 5522307 / 9841227598

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List of participating artists for
'Return to Nature'

  1. Anil Shahi
  2. Anita Khanal Bhattarai
  3. Binod Kumar Gupta
  4. Buddhi Gurung
  5. D Ram Palpali
  6. Dhwoj Bahadur Gurung
  7. Ishan Pariyar
  8. Kamal Gurung
  9. Keshab Raj Khanal
  10. N B Gurung
  11. Neera Joshi
  12. Rajan Kafle
  13. Ramesh N Khanal
  14. Sarita Dongol
  15. Shyam Maharjan
  16. Srijan Raj Bhandari
  17. Sunder Lama
  18. Supriya Manandhar
  19. Surendra Pradhan
  20. Surya Bairaili

Prior to the excursion on the outdoor, the artists will be provided with orientation and talk events by art experts therefore all participating artists are kindly requested to meet at Park Gallery for briefing / orientation session on 31st August, Saturday, 2013 at 2:30 PM ( Bhadra 15th ).

1. Introduction about project by Artist / Art writer / Curator Saroj Bajracharya
( Event curator )
2. Watercolor in Nepal: A brief background by Art Critic Mukesh Malla
3. Watercolor in Nepal: A way forward by Artist / Art writer Madan Chitrakar
The event will be welcomed and hosted by
coordinator: Artist / Art writer Gyanendra Bibas

Letter to Artist

Date : 28th July 2013
Subject- Invitation to participate in ' Return to Nature ', an art excursion and exhibition

Dear Artists,
Park Gallery is delighted to inform you that it is organizing an art event entitled 'Return to Nature'. The event comprises a one-day outdoor painting excursion in the outskirt of Kathmandu Valley followed by an exhibition of the works created in the event, at the Park Gallery.

This however, is not merely a landscape tour. Conceptually it concentrates on the importance of reconnecting with nature in the times of ultra-modern technological advancements. Furthermore, the participants do not necessarily have to paint landscape in realistic / impressionistic approach. They can also paint their interpretations in metaphorical approach. The only criterion is that the artists have to use watercolor as a medium. The participants will be provided with a notepad and art materials while on excursion so that they can write down their spontaneous ideas on connecting with nature in addition to painting.
Additionally, this event also commemorates late artist Rama Nanda Joshi for systematically introducing open air painting and also for his tireless contribution in uplifting outdoor painting through watercolor medium. This event will be commenced to mark his 75th birth anniversary.
Orientation and lectures by art and culture experts will also be the highlight of the event in order to open up the imagination of the artists towards nature, art and culture.

Park Gallery

For application form and for more information log on to
9841666573 : Event Coordinator
Artist / Art writer Gyanendra Bibas 5522307: Park Gallery


Nepal from time immemorial is known for her deep and expansive creative energies owing to the phenomenal gift that nature has bestowed upon her. These creative energies have motivated countless individuals and artists from generation to generation. As a matter of fact it is largely due to these inspirational waves that has shaped individual psyches and the diverse common cultures in the forms of religion and various ancient beliefs here in Nepal.

In the present context, the creative energies require and demand various new innovative mediums in order to be expressed convincingly. In this context, art has always been a reflection of transformation of societies. In recent times, out-of-door water painting has revolutionized the modern art by capturing the essence of nature in all its grandeur and energy. It has inspired great artists in the likes of Turner, Cezanne, Monet and many more around the globe. In Nepal also, the open air painting particularly in watercolor has opened endless possibilities for imagination, understanding and inspiration by being in touch with real surroundings.
After the era of traditional art, when modern art took over the Nepali art circle by storm in 1960s A.D., among few of the initial Nepali painters, one pioneer who extensively exercised out-of-door painting in watercolor by traveling to various parts of the country was artist late Rama Nanda Joshi (1938-88).

R N Joshi also assertively advocated the importance of open air painting in watercolor by initiating art school and series of landscape art competitions. Watercolor was a medium that gave a new life to the creative modern expression and went on to become one of the most popular art practices in Nepal.

The Project:

A tribute to Nature, out-of-door watercolor
painting and the artist late R.N. Joshi

'Return to nature' is an art project that focuses on going back to nature in times of technological supremacy. The project aims at taking artists out of their studios into the open air and reconnecting them with nature, its surroundings, people and culture that will enable them with various creative opportunities and challenges. It focuses on re-strengthening the importance of bond between nature, art and people.

This open air excursion and exhibition in itself is not a mere follow-up of what R N Joshi introduced to Nepali art world some 50 years ago, rather it is a process to explore new direction appreciating spirit and pure values of out-of-door painting and watercolor such as spontaneity and inventiveness.
Therefore, this is a first of its kind art activity in Nepal that concentrates on the research on the evolution of watercolor, its impact and adaptation in Nepali art scene. Moreover, it is unique in itself as it will involve dedicated watercolorists as well as new artists connecting them with nature and its immeasurable energies. Through artists, the project attempts to understand the source of inspiration in nature that influences creative thinking in works of art. This project seeks to bring afore new possibilities in artistic expression through newer understanding, promoting not just technique or technologies in art, but also creative insight towards nature. These aspects are much needed for art to remain connected with basic existence and also for art to be accessible to all.
Watercolor is a medium that continues to attract the sensibilities of artists through its liquescent quality, its flow, radiant nature and its easy to handle attribute.
Commemorating the unparalleled contribution of Rama Nanda Joshi in out-of-door watercolor painting, this project will also highlight his exceptional ingenuity as an artist, art activist, art teacher, and culture and heritage preservationist. To do so, R N Joshi prize will be rewarded to two dedicated artists. One of the prizes will be presented to an artist who has made genuine contribution in the genre of outdoor watercolor. And the other prize will be presented to the outstanding work created during the excursion.

Story of Watercolor:

Body color to colored drawing to aquarelle, traveling from England to Holland and Italy to France, the beginning of the watercolor medium is still vague. Centuries ago in the medieval and renaissance age, it was used as a pre-phase of oil or tempera painting, but gradually in the 17th century it began to get recognition as an independent medium. By the 18th and 19th century it was extensively practiced in England. Later after the advent of modern art in the late 19th century, mediums were overshadowed

by ideas and concepts in art, yet this medium still continues to attract the sensibilities of artists for its liquescent quality, its flow, radiant nature and it's easy to handle attribute with water as a medium. Traveling from one land to the other, surveying culture and qualities of life the artists who practiced this medium transformed along with this medium. Therefore, the watercolor that we see today is the essence of human creative understanding that has evolved through the unified passage of time and space. Its transparent quality, fresh flow, its radiant effect and casual appearance right away shows the cautiousness, preparedness and the maturity of the artist. Indeed, this medium has become the solace for the emotional minds of the artists.

General Information

1. The workshop will feature 20 participants in total, the organizing committee has the rights to accept or reject the applicants.The Gallery or the event coordinator will inform on the final confirmation of the selected artists.

2. The participants will be provided with the necessary art materials and a note pad for the event. The ideas penned on the note pads could be used in the exhibition catalogue.
3. Gallery and its partner organizations can use event pictures, images of artworks for its publicity associated with the program 'Return to Nature'.
4. The works by participants will be exhibited at the Park Gallery and participants will be presented with a certificate for their avid partaking in the event.
5. The gallery will deduct 40% from the sales of the art works from the event. Artist will have the final ownership of the work; i.e. after the exhibition the artworks will be returned to the artists. However, Gallery and artist can make special agreement for display of art work in the gallery's website collection.
6. Artists are requested to take back work within one week after the exhibition. Gallery will not be liable in events of work being lost or damaged beyond the allotted time.


Application Deadline- 15th August 2013

- Open to only Nepali Artists.
- The artist willing to participate must have at least 4 group art exhibitions as their experience.

Application Process :

- Visit our website to download the form in word document format.
- The interested artists are to attach 2 to 3 works (preferably in watercolor) mentioning the date of creation.
- Each image should not exceed 100 kb in jpeg format The artists are to attach their resume with the form and the images.
- The filled up form is to be sent at

Call For Artists Document Download here.


About R N Joshi Award

Namaste! Welcome to the R N Joshi prize.

Park Gallery announces the R N Prize 2070 (2013 AD) to recognize Nepali Artist and engage national and international audiences in supporting these artists work. Two prizes will be given annually to artists selected by experts. One dedicated artist who have made genuine artistic contribution in uplifting Nepali art will be honored with Rs 20,000/-, and Rs.10,000/- will recognize emerging / established artists exploring new directions. Park Gallery encourages all Nepali artists to register in the upcoming event, Return to Nature, 2070.

This year the prize will honor an outstanding open air watercolorist who has dedicate to this art and strong command over this medium, conceptual integration in his/her artworks. The second recognition will be given to emerging / established artists who outstandingly explored new directions during the workshop. The R N Joshi Prize is being launched respecting the eternal vision of late Rama Nanda Joshi to uplift the unsurpassed essence of Nepali Art.