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8th PARK ART FAIR, 2014

The Park Art Fair is a small, annual art event held in early December at the Park Gallery, Pulchowk, Lalitpur. The Park Gallery is a pioneering artist- run institution that has been taking unique initiatives to engage artists, art lovers, and the general public ever since its establishment. The Park Art Fair is one such initiative and began in 2007. The fair brings together works from both eminent and emerging artists, national and international, and one can find on display here a rich diversity of modern and contemporary art, including painting of various schools, abstract art, sculptures, photographs, botanical art, graphic arts, installations, and more. As such, the Park Art Fair not only provides a platform for artists to exhibit their work, but also a unique opportunity for viewers and collectors.
Hello, artists and friends, Park Gallery is delighted to announce the Annual Art Fair, and we would like to take this opportunity to invite you to display your exciting new work at the gallery from (11th December) to (15th December). All genres, styles, and mediums of visual art whether they be paintings in oil, acrylic, or watercolour, sculptures, new medium, mixed media, graphic arts, installations, video art, or photography are welcome. Register today via email with a picture of your work and the following essential details:- Name - Title of Work - Year of Creation - Price - Medium - Size
Further information for video and installation artists: - A concept note must be included with still images of the video or installation.
- Artists must make all the necessary arrangements for the required equipment and accessories themselves.
All work exhibited must be original and produced by the applicant themselves.
Registration Details:- Deadline: 25 November 2014 - No registration fee. - Space is limited. Register early.
Applicants will receive notification of confirmation on 27 November.For registration and inquiry email us at or Call : +977 01 5522307
  • Artists need to be present at the fair and display their work themselves.
  • Travel and accommodation expenses are the responsibility of the participants themselves.
  • We do not accept artwork by post or courier.
  • The organizer (Park Gallery) will not undertake any responsibility on the behalf of the artists for tasks such as the collection, display, and dismantling of artworks; or for financial expenses.
  • The organizer does not guarantee any sales.

  • Date of Installation / Display of Art Work?
    Location: Park Gallery, Pulchowk, Lalitpur.
    Time and Date: 10 AM to 5 PM, Monday, December 8 to Tuesday, December 9
    (Note: The artists are responsible for framing, displaying, and removing the artworks.)
  • Art Fair Hours:
    Everyday, 10 AM to 6PM from Thursday, December 11 through Monday, December 15.
  • Date of Dismantling / Removing your Artwork:
    Tuesday, 16 December, 10 AM to 5 PM
    (Note: Artists are requested to collect their work from the gallery on 16 December.
    The gallery will not be responsible for any loss or damage in the event of the artist failing to do so.)
  • Permissible Number of Works and Sizes:
    Maximum number of works permitted: 4
    Maximum size: 20 inches X 30 inches
    (Due to space constraints, exhibits larger than the maximum size will automatically result in a decrease in the number of works the artist is permitted to display).
  • Your Designated Space Code Number You space code number shall be sent to you along with your confirmation letter.
  • Price and Artwork Details Format:
    Name of the Artist:
    Title of work:
    Year of creation:
    (The above details to be printed in the same format on a quarter of A4 sized paper and placed next to the bottom right hand corner of the exhibit.)
    Artist Bio: (Not to exceed a hundred words and to be printed on one half of A4 sized paper.)
  • For further enquiries contact:
    Art Fair Coordinator Email:
    Tel: +977 9808525790

  1. Arjun Khaling
  2. Bhawana Manandhar
  3. Bijaya Maharjan
  4. Bishal Manandhar
  5. Binaya Humagai
  6. Bivek Maharjan
  7. Dhwoj Gurung
  8. Dibya Bajracharya
  9. Dipak Thami
  10. Ganesh GC
  11. Govinda Dongol
  12. Ishan Pariyar
  13. Jamyang Wangmo, Spain
  14. Kanchan Burathoki
  15. Kiran Manandhar
  16. Kripendra Amatya
  17. Krishna M Singh
  18. Laxman Shrestha
  19. Laya Mainali
  20. Madan Chitrakar
  21. Mahima Singh
  22. Manoranjana Herath, Sri Lanka
  23. Meena Ketan Patnayak, India
  24. Nagendra P Poudyal
  25. Namrata Singh
  26. Narayan Prasad Bohaju
  27. Neera Joshi Pradhan
  28. Niraj Chitrakar
  29. Peirre Capponi, Australia
  30. Rabin Maharjan
  31. Rabindra Shrestha
  32. Sabita Dongol
  33. Sagar Manandhar
  34. Samjhana Rajbhandari
  35. Sanjaya Bantawa
  36. Sanjaya B Senavirathna, Sri Lanka
  37. Shanta Rai
  38. Sapana Poudel Maharjan
  39. Satya Shila Kasaju
  40. Seema Shah
  41. Shanker Son Shrestha
  42. Sharada Chitrakar
  43. Shyam Lal Shrestha
  44. Suman Maharjan
  45. Sunder Lama
  46. Surendra Pradhan
  47. Surya Dudhraj
  48. Sushma Shakya
  49. Uma Shanker Shah
  50. Umesh Shah
  51. Vimukthi Sahan, Sri Lanka