Disguised Harmony 2

Oil on canvas

65 x 65 in



My works are basically focused on undefined shapes of cityscape, small and large streets and the alleys of Kathmandu. While looking up at the buildings, I observe the architectural lines and shapes and looking on, the details disappear and what I have left with me is the simple separation of
the positive and negative spaces. The space, the sky and the buildings combine to structure an appealing aesthetics of their own. These undefined yet serene forms, I have tried to capture in my canvases. My paintings are non-representational and non-objective and I have paid much emphasis
on visual simplicity.
Generally, white is referred to as a neutral colour, whereas other colours, even when applied in comparatively smaller proportions, are thought to convey more meaning. But in my works, white is omnipresent, while other colours like my state of mind, are in constant change. I believe that white is the only colour capable of harmonizing with all the others. Here, white, an entity on its own, is acting as the core factor that shapes my paintings. White alone is competent in representing purity, innocence, wisdom, death, emptiness and primarily, light. White itself defines non-existence. It’s like the other colours (moods) have attempted at invading the world of emptiness. At the same time, looking at it from another perspective, the nothingness is seeping its way into the world of colours.


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