Manoranjana Herath (Sri Lanka)

Inner sounds II, 2012

mix media on canvas

76cm x 64cm



The modern society has made our requirements complex. In order to set up pleasurable living standards our lives which are integrated with divers desires floats on. The majority of the present Sri Lankan lives have been positioned among these vicious situations. Inter-personal relationships among humans have drifted apart. Trust and mutual understanding have become business now. There are no hearts and minds which suffer sourly or filled with happiness today. Even if there is an equivalent, it is difficult even to imagine that a land can be seen for such lives to germinate. At a time we have been board of ourselves. The craving in man to be powerful in the society has become very strong. His or her whole life flows down mechanically in that dream. These human souls wonders without freedom, rest or pleasure. These lives which are roaming along captivating streets in cities and villages and are marching towards dream islands and are idling alone in dream cabins. Can you say that this is not your or my surrounding? Can you certify that you didn't see all these things?. Or else didn't you hear any of these things?. Whatever your answer is, it is certain that we ourselves engage in an incessant lonely discussion about all these things. I so forward to you these forms of internal voices of the solitary soul discussion. MANORANJANA HERATH - 2014/12/01


Dr. Manoranjana Herath
1970 Born in Teldeniya, Sri Lanka.

2011 - Ph.D University of Kelaniya Sri Lanka
2002 - M.F.A. (Sculpture) College of Art – University of Delhi, India.
1997 - B.F.A. (Sculpture) – Institute of Aesthetic Studies, University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka.

Currently Senior lecturer - Department of Sculpture. University of Visual and Performing Arts Colombo. Sri Lanka.
2002 - 2003 – Visiting Lecturer, Institute of Aesthetic Studies, University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka.

2011 - Barefoot Gallery , Colombo, Sri Lanka.
2009 - Barefoot Gallery , Colombo, Sri Lanka.
2007 - Barefoot Gallery, Colombo, Sri Lanka.
2006 - Stairway Gallery, Hotel Thilanka, Kandy, Sri Lanka.
2005 - Finominal Space Gallery, Colombo, Sri Lanka.
2005 - Barefoot Gallery, Colombo, Sri Lanka.

2013 - Beauty and Agony , Group Exhibition, Leeds metropolitan university .U.K
2012 - 15th Asian Art Biennale Bangladesh -Bangldesh Shilpakala Academy Gallery
2000 - 4th International Artists Camp. Village Hotel, Habarana, Sri Lanka.
1999 - 3rd International Artist Camp, Coral Garden Hotel, Hikkaduwa, Sri lanka.
2013 - Dandi marchers workshop. I.I.T. Bombay.India
2014 - social canvas-organised by british council, colombo,sri lanka

2008 - Create Relief Sculptures on either side of the main entrance of the Hilton Hotel, Colombo.
2009 - Monument of the Rev. Henry Highfield, Wesley College, Colombo.
2007 - Garden Sculpture for Mr. Malik Samarawikrama's Residence in Kandy.

2013 Dandi marchers sculpture workshop, I.I.T. Bombay.India

2008 - Grant for Post Graduate Studies (Ph.D), University Grant Commission, Sri Lanka.
2000 - Presidential Scholarship Award. (M .F.A) The president's Fund, Sri Lanka.

Represented in Several Private Collection in Sri Lanka and Abroad.

Imaginary animal figures in Gampola period- published in 2013
Vihical decorations and society in Sri Lanka- published in 2013

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Inner sounds II, 2012
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