Neera Joshi Pradhan

Placid nuances 13

Acrylic on canvas

100cm x100cm



The series on "placid nuances…" best describes the time, moment and space born from the organic world of the elements that cannot be seen visibly. Absorption and assimilation of these elements are a living being’s truth phenomenon. Creating such pieces of work, my paintings come from my deep intuition, from the concepts and the experiences of and from the natural world around me. I leave you, the onlooker, to explore and delve deep into my world.


Born into a family of artists in Kathmandu, Neera (M.Sc. Botany) is probably the only botanical artist/illustrator/painter in Nepal. She was trained abroad at Marie Selby Botanical Garden, Florida and Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh. She has had her works exhibited in Nepal and widely in various parts of the globe. Her approach of combining art and science first began in 1999 that was introduced in her book Flora from Kathmandu Valley. This was her first landmark exhibition and publication by Park Gallery in Kathmandu. Her later exhibitions include “International juried botanical Art Exhibition 2004”-American Society of Botanical Artists (ASBA), New York and “BISCOT 2007”-Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (RBGE), Scotland. Her scientific botanical art work was featured in “Flora of Nepal”-Volume 3, 2011 published by RBGE. She has also presented scientific papers on botanical art and illustrations at national and international conferences. Recently her botanical art works were exhibited at 19th International Botanical Congress Shenzhen China .

Beside her academic excellence in Botanical Art, and beyond the accurate portrayal of botanical subjects, Neera exposes the soul of flowers on canvases in a different form of floral motifs in her own individual way. Her latest paintings on the concept of petals are distinct and are unique expression that unfolds the spiritual aspect of creativity. Therefore, it is her personal style that depicts the truthful essence of the organic world. Her solo exhibitions “Colors of Sepals and Petals “2007, ‘’Petals 2008 “and ‘’Placid nuances 2012’’ were exhibited at Park Gallery, Kathmandu. Currently she works and lives in Kathmandu.

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